Bridging the Justice Gap

An innovative approach to legal access sponsored by the State Bar of Texas.

We want to fill that gap between the citizens’ need for justice and our profession’s need for employment opportunity—in brief, to meet the need for justice with the need for opportunity.2016-2017 State Bar President Frank Stevenson

Our Mission

We expand access to justice for low- and moderate-income Texans by assisting new lawyers in establishing sustainable practices that serve this population.


  • To match new lawyers with an entrepreneurial focus with mentors who can assist them in building sustainable practices aimed at meeting the needs of low- and moderate-income Texans.
  • To establish a model and curriculum for similar incubator projects throughout Texas.

How it Works

TOJI will provide office space and training for a select group of new attorneys who want to build their own practices. During their 18-month participation in the incubator, these attorneys agree to represent low- and modest-income clients while receiving mentorship and training in how to run a law office with a focus on technology.

Get Involved

We are working with law schools, local bars, legal aid groups, and other organizations to optimize the benefit provided by the TOJI program. For more information on how to get involved as a mentor or a speaker, please visit our Volunteer page. Or Apply Now to become a participant in the TOJI program..


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